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Virtual Reference Best Practices

Humanity Time Clock

QuestionPoint is now using a system called Humanity for the Academic Coop scheduling and also for chat librarians to clock in and out. Please have your librarians clock in and out for their 24/7 shifts.They can also clock in and out for other shifts (not required, but it may be simpler to always use the time.)


Starting a Chat Shift:


  1. Log in to Question Point.
  2. Before launching chat, click on "Humanity: Time Clock" under Quick Links
  3. Use the login and password for your institution in the spreadsheet. Username: sc4rhn Password: rhnrhn (You do not need to logout from Humanity, so librarians will not need to login often.)

  4. Click on the green "Clock In" button on the right side of the Humanity screen
  5. Back on the QuestionPoint page, click on "Launch Chat"


Ending a Chat Shift:


  1. Logout at the upper right of the chat window
  2. Click on "Humanity: Time Clock" and then the red "Clock Out" button (no need to log out from Humanity).




Multiple Humanity accounts:  If you have librarians with overlapping shifts, it will be a problem to share one Humanity account for your institution. This is probably only relevant to the larger libraries. Wren at OCLC can set up individual accounts for each librarian.  You can either contact her directly or let me know.