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Virtual Reference Best Practices

Chat & Admin Logon

  • Upper right-hand corner - Logon
  • Left hand column: Launch Chat
  • July 23 - August 31: choose two Michigan RHN queues. Until September, RHN librarians will *not* staff the Academic 24/7 queue through the end of August. This is because chat traffic is slow and the Academic 24/7 coop is already overstaffed, so Wren at OCLC has asked us to only pick up the RHN queues for this time. Our patrons will still have 24/7 chat from July 23 on.
  • September 1 forward: choose all three queues.

Reference schedule link

  • Tuesday & Thursday 1-2pm
  • Friday 10-11am


  • Friday, Sept. 21 - SC4 not scheduled
  • Friday, Sept. 28 - Sub requested on 8-31-18


Adding your own script - Ask → Settings → My Scrips