About Thomas Pyrzewski

SOURCE : http://cargocollective.com/superiorbelly/Tom-Pyrzewski-1

Thomas Pyrzewski, BFA, College for Creative Studies (2004); and MFA, Wayne State University (2007); was born in Detroit and is a sculptor and performance artist, and director of galleries and special programs at Wayne State University.  He is currently teaching at Wayne State University in the Fine Arts Department.

His Process

Discarded objects with curves and diagonals are collected – natural deadfall and human-made. Bend, cut and assemble - the armature is constructed. Muscle is applied, similar to a body. Cloth that has been soaked in paint is placed onto the structure, providing durability, skin and color.

Resonance from the objects influence application and determine the overall composition, often described as visceral. The sculpture is organic in form but contains mostly industrial materials within. This attribute implies an interconnection between humanity and nature, aiming to reverse memes associated with function.

The form isn’t specific in content, yet tangible enough to provoke a response from the viewer, whose experiential reaction plays an integral role in completing the sculpture. Along with the viewer’s interpretation, connotations embedded in the materials are combined with the working process and a collaborative formulation is conceived.


Creator Thomas Pyrewski
Title superiorbelly
Medium Mixed Media
Repository Saint Clair County Community College
Location Fine Arts Circle Drive
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