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Social Media Guidelines

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Basic Tips for ADA Accessibile Web Content

Some general tips when creating web content:

  • Check out these general guidelines from the University of Minnesota about making accessible social media posts.
  • Keeps posts, tweets, videos, etc. short, to the point, and use clear, simple language.
  • Make sure all pages/posts can be navigated and operated using a keyboard or screen reader.
    • Screen readers generally read from top to bottom, then left to right (whether on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet).
  • Use standard, easy-to-read fonts and avoid small font sizes. Limit the use of Bold, Italics, or ALL CAPITALS.
    • Arial, Georgia, Courier New, Tahoma, Times New Roman, or Verdana are some good font options.
  • Always use descriptive alternate text (alt text) for images.
    • When you add images and screen shots to your guide, fill out the alternative text box with clear, straightforward text describing the image. The goal is to allow a person who cannot see the image to get the same information from the description as they would from seeing it.
  • Use the "align left" rather than center or right alignments
    • Screen readers can be confused by other alignments and alignments other than the left can restrict keyboard accessibility and functionality.
  • When embedding videos, make sure they have captioning available.
    • There are two kinds of captions: open and closed. Open captions are always turned on, in view, and cannot be turned off. Closed captions can be controlled by the viewer.
  • If using acronyms, spell out the entire acronym, then put the acronym in parentheses.
    • Example: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


Please see the Accessibility LibGuide for more information and resources.

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