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St. Clair County Community College Library

Social Media Guidelines


Purpose of SC4 Library Social Media

The purpose of SC4 Library social media channels is to expand the online presence of SC4 Library, and to provide relevant, accurate, positive, educational, and timely information to students, staff, faculty, and the community.

Acceptable Use

Unacceptable behavior on social media includes:

  • Objectionable, obscene, vulgar, racist, violent, pornographic, or otherwise offensive comments or posts
  • Copyrighted, plagiarized, or improperly attributed posts, images, or videos
  • Personal attacks, insults, threats, profanity, or potentially libelous and/or defamatory statements
  • Commercial promotions or other spam

Posts, comments and other unacceptable speech and/or behavior are not permissible on any SC4 Library social media.

SC4 Library reserves the right to limit and/or restrict access to its social media for users who do not abide by the College's Acceptable Use Policy and SC4 Library's policies.


SC4 Library is not responsible for comments or content posted by subscribers or other third parties on any social media platform and they do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the library, its staff or the College.

Social media users must exercise their own best judgment regarding the quality and accuracy of any information presented through social media.

Users who subscribe to SC4 Library social media sites assume responsibility for sharing personal information through these sites.



SC4 Library may occasionally refer to public comments made on social media.

However, SC4 Library will not collect, sell or knowingly transfer to any third party any personally identifiable information related to social media engagement with the library.

Each platform has its own privacy policies, which can be found below, and should be carefully reviewed.

List of Current SC4 Library Social Media Channels

List of Campus-Wide SC4 Social Media Channels