About Sandy Kinnee

SOURCE: askart.com

Sandy Kinnee was born in 1947 and is from Paris, Michigan.

Sandy talks about his art:
I've come to realize that my work is evolving into a life-form-like entity. Making art is, for me, more and more a life process. Growth and change is evident within this mutating image. That many of these continuing works have dates of creation documented on the reverse with spans of time beyond a single decade is evidence of this constant state of the incomplete. There is an object, sure, but Im more involved with the continual dialog with that visual "thing"/object than in making and letting it go off on its own. It has become obvious that I am continually making, reshaping, changing directions, and generally enjoying the complexities as they reveal themselves to me. 

The piece below is one of a series of elongated ovals.  They are dramatically seen in African shields, the fan, and the open, displayed kimono.  Sandy wanted to make the ovals vibrate with color and tilt on their axises, removing them from the usual western use of the oval for polite portraiture or Easter egg allusion.  His goal was to introduce the format as a motif for western art.


Creator Sandy Kinnee
Title Untitled
Medium Mixed Media
Measurements  21" x 39"
Repository Saint Clair County Community College
Location Main Building, Room 207
ID Number 11887
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Sandy Kinnee, Untitled