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About Robert Huff


Robert Huff (1945-2014) was an artist and sculptor, who lived in Florida.   He is described as one of Miami's homegrown pioneers.   He crafted his artwork to reflect the man-made form, natural shapes and confluences that frame the contemporary environment.  In addition to landscapes he also drew inspirations from in painted and constructed works from architecture, re-casting these elements to form a personal vocabulary of abstraction.

Robert began in the late 1960s, living and working in Miami-Dade, Florida, where he was a long time professor and head of the Art Department at Miami-Dade College. 

He has had several pieces exhibited in museums around Florida.  He was also a commissioned artist for many private and corporate clients.

Rainbow I

Rainbow I
Creator Robert Huff
Title Rainbow I
Medium Mixed Media
Repository Saint Clair County Community College
Location WC 175 Presidents Office Lobby
ID Number 11886
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Robert Huff, Rainbow I