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Free or inexpensive ISP offers

Free or inexpensive internet access offers for students

Below are links to free or inexpensive internet access offers for students from some carriers. 

  • Free wifi in parking spots in front of Port Huron High School (I am not sure if you have to be a Port Huron K12 student.)
  •  All St. Clair County Public Libraries have free wifi in the parking lots to those who have a SCCPL card. Don't have a card and a resident of SCC? Call the SCCPL nearest you for a card http://  (Buildings are closed but they can give you a card over the phone.) 

May 4 update

March 20 update

  • Free & Low Cost Internet plans. National Digital Inclusion Alliance
    • To support local efforts, NDIA has compiled a list of current offers from ISPs that will help low-income households to acquire service at low or no cost. Most have eligibility limitations linked to income or program enrollment. The list also includes established, nationally available low-cost plans offered by nonprofit organizations. We will add other providers’ plans as we learn of them. Content on this page was updated March 18, 2020. All offers are less than $20/month total cost (with no installation fees). 

March 18 update

For those who in rural locations, satellite service is the only option for connecting to the internet. As of yesterday, the least expensive internet service available in my area was over $110/ mo with a 2 year contract

I contacted Spectrum on the link provided by Jane. They are giving teachers and students 60 days of free internet service with no installation  or set-up fees. This service can be canceled after 60 days, or if needed, continued on a monthly basis at a deeply discounted rate.

Ann Purdy
Adjunct, STEM

March 17, 2020 updates from the Library of Michigan


March 16, 2020 list