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Remote Resources And Guidance For Users

When the Library is closed, or you prefer to work remotely, there are many ways the Library can provide you with expert help and services.

Library Hours & Announcements

Library Hours by appointment:

Monday & Tuesday, 8:30am - 5 pm (appointment availability until 7pm on Tuesdays)*

Wednesday & Thursday: 10am - 3pm 

Friday: Remote Support Available 8am - 4pm

Remote support is also available: Monday -  Thursday 8am- 7pm


Updated: 2/18/2021 11:34 am EST.

*If no appointments are scheduled, the library may close before 7pm on Tuesdays.

24/7 Online Help & Contacting the Library

Support is available any time and anywhere using SC4 Library's 24/7 Chat service. 

If you're experiencing problems with any electronic resource(s), please report it here.

Online Materials, Resources, and Tools

Most library content is fully accessible online,  Users may also request electronic items that the library does not currently have access to by completing an interlibrary loan request.  



Information Literacy Instruction & Support for Faculty

Faculty - Regardless of whether your course is conducted in person or online, the library is available to provide information literacy instruction, consultation, and support. 


Library Research Guides

The Library supports classes through the creation of library research guides, curated content organized to provide easy access to resources that help students navigate the research process. Browse our guide content below. 

Search all Research Guides

Browse "How To" Guides


Browse Course Research Guides


Browse Subject Based Research Guides


Faculty - if you'd like the library to create a library research guide in support of your course, please complete this form or contact a librarian at