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OER Pilot Award

Guidelines, forms, and resources for faculty and staff

Selection committee

Hayley Bommarito

Director of Library Services


Dr. Suzanne O'Brien

Professor of English


Rob McGregor

Director of Academic Technologies


Jane Lewandoski

Information and Education Services Librarian


OER Pilot Award Overview

St. Clair County Community College OER team seeks proposals for the development and implementation of Open Educational Resources (OER) and other resources licensed for classroom use and sharing into newly developed or existing courses. OER are instructional materials that are openly licensed, allowing for open sharing and modification and are available at no cost to students.

Growing textbook costs present a significant barrier to student success, and this award is intended to support the SC4 community in addressing this issue. 

Awards of up to $500 will be granted for the successful adoption , adaptation, or creation and implementation and use of said resources in classroom instruction, with the purpose of addressing textbook affordability on campus and leading the college forward in open education. 

For more information about Open Educational Resources, visit

Application Period

OER Pilot Award applications are being accepted for upcoming semesters. 

Application deadline for consideration for OER Pilot awards are as follows.

Application deadline for consideration for Fall  OER implementation is June 1.

Application deadline for consideration for Winter OER implementation is September 1

Application deadline for consideration for Winter OER implementation is March 1.



Individuals and teams may submit an application describing their project to: 

1. Adopt an existing open textbook, other open educational resource, or existing college resource. Incorporate an existing open textbook, open course content, or existing college resource (such as library materials) into your your syllabus and curriculum, reducing or eliminating learning materials costs for students.

2. Adapt an existing open textbook or other open educational resource to your instructional needs.

3. Remix existing OER and create new open content to suit your course. New content includes adding a chapter to an existing text, adding supplemental content such as question banks, lecture slides, lab manuals, etc.

4. Create an OER. Develop an open textbook or open course of your own.

Applicants can choose to do one or a combination of the above.  Applicants will be expected to follow and submit the provided OER Adoption Toolkit to document their process. 

Evaluation criteria

All applications will be evaluated on factors such as the following: 

  • What is the potential impact of this project on student textbook and instructional materials costs?
  • How many students will be effected my this implementation?
  • What time / work commitment is required to complete this project?
  • One time award amounts will be evaluated at the discretion of the selection committee and recommended to administration for award. 


Awardees understand the following:

  • Any works created for the purpose of this award will be licensed by the college under the appropriate Creative Commons license. 
  • Awardees will meet with library and academic technology staff to discuss OER implementation checklist.
  • The most appropriate version of the course syllabus and created works will be deposited to the St. Clair County Community College OER Commons hub.
  • Assist OER team in obtaining student feedback and provide information about the faculty experience.
  • All participating faculty will be asked to share their story with the OER Team