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Database Access Off Campus

Off campus? To search the SC4 Library databases you will be prompted to enter your Portal Username and Password. Please contact the library if you are having trouble.

Database Basics

Databases are the best places to find academic journals and articles. To learn more about the best ways to locate articles in our databases click on "How to Find Articles Tutorial".

Below you'll find some general databases, which are useful for searching for a multitude of subjects. SC4 also has subject-specific databases such as Criminal Justice Collection or Nursing and Allied Health Source, among many others.

Advanced Search Strategies for our Databases

Boolean Operators

One of the easiest ways to refine your search is to use the Boolean operators, and everyone has used them, even if accidently. 

The chart below explains differences between the Boolean operators.


Boolean operator




· Narrows search result

· Finds articles/websites with both terms in them. Terms may not necessarily be next to each other

Children AND Divorce (retrieves articles with both terms)


· Broadens search result

· Use to combine similar terms. One or the other search term must appear in the article/website

· Put parentheses around your ORs

"Moral Development" OR "Moral Reasoning" (retrieves articles with either term)


· Narrows search result

· Use to eliminate terms from search

"Play Therapy" NOT Sandplay (eliminates articles that have the word Sandplay in them)


Phrase or Full Name searching

Quotation marks keeps the words of a phrase together.

"Port Huron"

"Grumpy Cat"

"Jerry Lewis"



Most databases use the asterisk * to truncate words. For example, child* will search for the words child or child’s or children or childlike. 


Need research help?

Need Research Help? 

The library offers a variety of services and contact methods to help you study. 


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