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Using OneSearch to find scholarly articles on a topic - Video

Watch the video below or scroll to the screen shots under the video for a demonstration on how to use OneSearch to find scholarly, full text online articles on your topic. 

Finding Scholarly Articles Using OneSearch - Written directions & screen shots

You can limit your OneSearch results to scholarly and peer reviewed materials. The screen shots below will show how to look for scholarly articles on masculinity in motion pictures. 

I used the search string masculinity AND (movies OR "motion picture" OR "motion pictures") in the OneSearch box. (NOTE: You will not be able to see the entire search in the box but it is there.)

OneSearch  search entered - masculinity



I narrowed the search results to scholarly articles using the limiters in the left-hand column. I also narrowed to full text online articles. 

OneSearch results narrowed to scholarly - masculinity

There are quite a few articles that may be relevant to the topic, but I thought the one shown below was interesting.  It is from The Journal of Men's Studies. 

OneSearch masculinity #13


Clicking on the title or the Full Text Online link will bring up the more information about the article and a link to the PDF of the full text. 

EBSCO abstract screen masculinity




In the EBSCOhost databases, click on Cite in the right hand column to pull up the citation. Scroll to MLA citation style. 


EBSCO MLA citation masculinity


You can triple click on the citation, copy, and paste to your Works Cited page.