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St. Clair County Community College Library

Film, Contemporary Actors & Literature Research

Subject headings & keywords

When searching the library catalog and databases, try using a combination of the terms listed below:


"motion pictures"

"film adaptations" OR "movie adaptations"

For 2016:

Room; The Revenant; The Martian; Carol; The Big Short; The Danish Girl; Steve Jobs; 45 Years - from David Constantine's In Another Country: Selected Stories


Also see James Donovan's memoir Strangers on a Bridge which has been made into Bridge of Spies.

"movie industry" OR "motion picture industry"


"motion pictures - history"


"historical films" OR "historical movies"

"film criticism" OR "movie criticism"


"motion picture criticism"


"science in motion pictures"


"animated films'" OR animation


"motion pictures" AND setting

"motion pictures" AND scenery

"setting and scenery"


"art in motion pictures"


couples AND "motion pictures"

"man woman relationships"

"man woman relationships in motion pictures"

"sex role in motion pictures"


"love in motion pictures"


"motion pictures" AND "political aspects"

"race relations"


animals AND "motion pictures"

animals AND movies
"motion pictures" AND literature

"silent films"

"film noir"


"film genres"



"motion pictures" AND music

"film history"


"Leonardo DiCaprio"

"Martin Scorsese"  [etc.]

Fact-checking in the movies

Critics/moviegoers questioned the facts as presented in the following nominated movies:

  • American Sniper
  • Argo
  • Captain Phillips
  • Imitation Game
  • The King's Speech
  • Lincoln
  • Selma
  • Zero Dark Thirty

See also:

Bridge of Spies based on James Donovan's memoir Strangers on a Bridge


Search terms:

  • "historical accuracy"
  • "historical accuracy" AND (movies OR films OR "motion pictures")
  • "fact checking"

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The Big Short

Potential keywords / search strings:

  • "Wall Street" AND (movies OR "motion pictures")
  • "financial crisis"
  • "real estate crisis"

Compare to The Wolf of Wall Street [2014 Oscar nominee -- see 2014 tab]

Bridge of Spies

Potential keywords / search strings:

  • "alien rights"
  • immigrants AND rights
  • "spy planes"
  • negotiations
  • settings AND scenery


Potential keywords / search strings:

  • "women immigrants"
  • Ireland AND immigration

The Hunting Ground (Best Original Song Nominee)

Potential keywords / search strings:

  • "rape culture"
  • "sexual assault"
  • "sexual assault" AND "college students"
  • "motion pictures" AND music

Mad Max: Fury Road

Potential keywords / search strings:

  • "income inequality"
  • "gender roles"


Potential keywords / search strings:

  • astronauts
  • survival

The Revenant

Potential keywords / search strings:​

  • (frontier* OR fur-trapping) AND 19th Century
  • (High Glass OR John Fitzgerald) AND biography
  • Actor AND activism


See also the Climate change library research box.


Based on the book by Emma Donoghue.


Potential keywords / search string:

  • cinematography

  • (captivity OR kidnapping) AND film

  • (Elisabeth Fritzl OR Jaycee Dugard) AND Room

  • "coming of age"

  • captivity AND psychological effects 

  • "film adaptations" OR "movie adaptations"


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