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St. Clair County Community College Library

Film, Contemporary Actors & Literature Research

Subject headings & keywords

When searching the library catalog and databases, try using a combination of the terms listed below:


"motion pictures"

"film adaptations" OR "movie adaptations"

"movie industry" OR "motion picture industry"


"motion pictures - history"


"historical films" OR "historical movies"

"film criticism" OR "movie criticism"


"motion picture criticism"


"science in motion pictures"


"animated films'" OR animation


"motion pictures" AND setting

"motion pictures" AND scenery

"setting and scenery"


"art in motion pictures"


couples AND "motion pictures"

"man woman relationships"

"man woman relationships in motion pictures"

"sex role in motion pictures"


"love in motion pictures"


"motion pictures" AND "political aspects"

"race relations"


animals AND "motion pictures"

animals AND movies
"motion pictures" AND literature

"silent films"

"film noir"


"film genres"



"motion pictures" AND music

"film history"


"Clint Eastwood" [etc.]

Fact-checking in the movies

Critics/moviegoers questioned the facts as presented in the following nominated movies:

  • American Sniper
  • Argo
  • Captain Phillips
  • Imitation Game
  • The King's Speech
  • Lincoln
  • Selma
  • Zero Dark Thirty

Search terms:

  • "historical accuracy"
  • "historical accuracy" AND (movies OR films OR "motion pictures")
  • "fact checking"

American Sniper (Best Picture & Adapted Screenplay)

Based on the activities of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle

Suggested keywords:

  • snipers
  • "historical films" OR "historical movies"
  • "film adaptations" OR "movie adaptations"

Birdman or (the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (Best Picture, Cinematography, Directing, Sound Mixing)

Suggested keywords:

  • cinematography
  • "digital cinematography"
  • "visual effects"
  • "digital visual effects"
  • "visual effects supervisor" OR VFX
  • "special effects"
  • matchmoving OR matchmove
  • ("computer generated imagery" OR CGI) AND (movies OR "motion pictures")
  • "ensemble acting"

Boyhood (Best Picture, Directing, Screenplay)

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Some keywords and search strings:

  • costume AND ("motion pictures" OR movies)
  • music AND ("motion pictures" OR movies)
  • Stefan Zweig [1881-1942,Viennese author]
  • Ernest Lubitsch [German filmmaker]

The Imitation Game (Best Picture & Adapted Screenplay)

Some keywords you may want to use:

  • "science in motion pictures"
  • "Alan Turing"
  • mathematicians

Inherent Vice (Costume Design & Adapted Screenplay)

Suggested topics:

  • costume
  • Thomas Pynchon
  • "film adaptations" OR "movie adaptations"



Keywords to use in creating a search string:

  • "Martin Luther King, Jr."
  • "Selma March"
  • "Bloody Sunday"
  • "Civil Rights" OR "Civil Rights Movement"
  • "historical films" OR "historical movies"


The Theory of Everything (Best Picture & Adapted Screenplay)

Search the library catalog here for books about and by Stephen Hawking.

Some keywords you may want to try:

  • "science in motion pictures"
  • "Stephen Hawking"
  • "amyotrophic lateral sclerosis" OR "Lou Gehrig's disease"