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ENG 102 Johnson

Hello Students in Prof. Johnson's Classes!

Welcome to the SC4 library guide for Professor Johnson's English 102 classes. Please use the tabs in the left-hand column to access information and tools for your research paper. Because of COVID-19 guidelines, the physical library is closed to students and the public, but the librarians are still available to help you by phone, email, text, or chat. Please contact us if you need help! 

Pearson access during COVID-10

Note forwarded from Pearson to Prof. Johnson:

If your student needs access to the eText and the title is available digitally, send them here for free access to their eTextbook.

  2. Create an account with a school email address and then you can explore the products available.

Alice Walker: Everyday Use video for class

Alice Walker: Everyday Use 

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Please contact the library if you need help! 

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