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ENG 101 Information Literacy Prof. Schmitz

Library research guides help you find scholarly information on your topic

The librarians at SC4 have created research guides for different topics and classes that can help you find information for your papers and projects.  An alphabetic list of the guides is available on the library homepage under the Quick Links in the left hand column (shown below).




How to use the guides

Let's say that you are in the Criminal Justice program and have an assignment to find some scholarly sources of information for a paper, you might consult the Criminal Justice Library Research Guide for help.  There are tabs across the top that help you find additional information, such as government websites, such as the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice, that provide statistical information.  Note also the user-friendly URLs for the library research guides.

Check out these research guides by clicking on the links below.

Examples of topic guides:

U.S. Civil Rights

Race, Gender, & Religious Discrimination in the U.S.

Human Trafficking

Creative Writing

ENG 102 Research Topics

Literary critiques & information about authors

Examples of course guides:

Art 101 Drawing

ENG 102 Research Topics


Sociology 101

Psychology 180

Examples of other helpful guides:

Writing Center

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