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ENG 101 Information Literacy Program

Liniting your results to scholarly & peer reviewed materials

Finding Scholarly Articles Using OneSearch

You can limit your OneSearch results to scholarly and peer reviewed materials. The screen shots below will show how to look for scholarly articles on alcohol use on campus during college football games. You can also watch a video showing how to limit your search results at the bottom of this webpage.


I used the search string "college football" AND (alcohol OR drinking) in the OneSearch box. (NOTE: You will not be able to see the entire search in the box but it is there.)



Over 25,000 items are in our result list!







You can use the items in the left hand column to narrow your search.




We are going to narrow the results down to Scholarly, Peer Reviewed articles by checking the appropriate box in the left-hand column.



We narrowed the search results to about 500 items - still a lot to sort through but much less than 25,000.



The first title looks like it might be right on our topic. We can click on the full text online link for the full text of the article.



When in a ProQuest database, you can print or email the article using the box in the right hand column. You can also request the article citation.




In some of the databases, you will need to change the APA citation to MLA format.



In the Summer 2016, MLA changed to the 8th edition. It is not yet available on all of the library databases, yet. Look for the 8th MLA edition in the near future.






Library Youtube OneSearch finding scholarly articles concussion

Below is a video showing how to limit your search results to scholarly articles.