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MLA? APA? Which citation style should you use?

Citation Styles at SC4

After polling SC4 professors about which citation style they require, we’ve put together the list below to help you to write your paper using the citation style appropriate to the discipline or field in which the paper has been assigned.

  • Art - MLA
  • Business - APA
  • Criminal Justice - APA
  • English - MLA
  • Health Information Technology - MLA
  • Math - APA or MLA
  • Nursing - APA
  • Political Science - APA or MLA
  • Sciences - APA

Please note that some professors have specific citation style preferences which may not be listed above. These are general guidelines – please read the instructions for any writing assignment you receive, and if you’re not sure which citation style to use, ask your professor!


Here is a link to the University Library of American University in Washington, DC, which contains guidelines to citation styles for other, specific disciplines you might not encounter at SC4.


To take SC4's MLA Citation Tutorial, click here.

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