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Library databases

To access the materials from off campus, you will need to use your SC4 student ID number and the barcode number on the back of your Skippers OneCard

Use a combination of the following terms to create your search string:

  • voluntarism OR volunteerism OR "volunteer workers"
  • "volunteer workers in social service"
  • charity OR charities
  • nonprofit AND charities
  • charities AND history
  • "urban youth"
  • "food relief"
  • altruism
  • responsibility
  • "social responsibility"
  • "social responsibility of business"
  • "helping behavior"
  • "Girls Scouts" OR "Boy Scouts" OR "4-H"

For topics relating to animals and animal rights:

  • "animal shelters"
  • "animal rescue"
  • "animal welfare"
  • "animal rights"
  • "human animal relationships"

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