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ENG 102 Johnson

Finding signed encyclopedia articles

Finding Signed Encyclopedia Entries

Prof. Johnson's assignment requires you to find signed entries from encyclopedias. You have access to hundreds of online scholarly encyclopedias through the library databases. You can search for them by topic using the special OneSearch box below which limits your results automatically to encyclopedia articles, or you can search one of our encyclopedia databases. Links to some of these databases are below.

Scroll down for screen shots on how to find and evaluate encyclopedia articles from these resources. 

OneSearch - Reference

Using the OneSearch Reference Box

Finding Signed Encyclopedia Entries using the OneSearch Reference Box

Let's look for some encyclopedia articles on climate change using the OneSearch Reference Box.

The phrase "climate change" is entered into the OneSearch Reference Box as shown below. The phrase is in quotes in order to keep the two words together. (See Search Strategies for more information.)

OneSearch Reference climate change

You can see that OneSearch Reference automatically narrowed the results to reference materials. 


OneSearch Reference climate change results showing limited to reference


I checked Full Text Online to limit in the left hand column to limit results to those you have access to from off campus.


OneSearch Reference full text online checked


Let's look at one of the results. 


OneSearch Reference results entry 7


Sometimes the title will send you directly to the entry. In this case, It sent us to the entire International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. We can enter climate change again in the Search in this Publication box as shown below.


International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences


There are over 200 results just from the International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences in the database ScienceDirect. 


IESBS climate change results


Let's look at the first entry. In some databases such as this one, if you click on the author's name, the author's credentials will be presented as shown below. 


IESBS author's credentials



Below is a screen shot showing the elements you will need to compile your MLA working bibliography.  


IESBS showing elements needed for MLA citation


The MLA  Library Research Guide can help you with your MLA citations.