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The Year You Were Born

How to research the day/year you were born.
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This guide is adapted from a libguide created by librarians at the George A. Spiva Library at MIssissippi Southern State University.

Newspaper Databases

How can I find New York Times articles for the day I was born?

1.  Go to: Historical Newspapers: The New York Times with Index Database

2.  Select the Publications tab

3.  Select the title of the newspapers listed that corresponds to the date range in which your birthday falls.  For most people this will be option #3. 

4. On the resulting Publication page, find the Browse specific issues area. 

5. Click on the + sign next to the decade in which you were born to see all years of that decade.  Then click on the + sign next to your birth year and month.  Finally click on the tab listing your exact birth date (mon/day/year).

The articles are displayed alphabetically by title starting with page one of the newspaper.

6. Clicking on the article title or Full text - PDF link will allow you to see a high resolution image of that specific article only.

7.  On the resulting page, you have the option to click on to see a scan of the entire page of the newspaper as it was published on that day.

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