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Poets and Poetry


Welcome! This library research guide provides an introduction to library resources related to both American and International poets and poetry.

This guide will assist you in finding books, e-books, scholarly journal articles, streaming videos, websites, and more that will help you research topics in this subject.

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Poetry is defined as:

              "an arrangement of words in verse, always rhythmical, sometimes rhymed, expressing facts, ideas, or emotions in a style more concentrated, imaginative, and powerful."

Best Bets

Poetry 101: From Shakespeare and Rupi Kaur to Iambic Pentameter and Blank Verse, Everything You Need to Know About Poetry

Become a poet and write poetry with ease with help from this clear and simple guide in the popular 101 series. Poetry never goes out of style. An ancient writing form found in civilizations across the world, poetry continues to inform the way we write now, whether we realize it or not--especially in social media--with its focus on brevity and creating the greatest possible impact with the fewest words. Poetry 101 is your companion to the wonderful world of meter and rhyme, and walks you through the basics of poetry. From Shakespeare and Chaucer, to Maya Angelou and Rupi Kaur, you'll explore the different styles and methods of writing, famous poets, and poetry movements and concepts--and even find inspiration for creating poems of your own. Whether you are looking to better understand the poems you read, or you want to tap into your creative side to write your own, Poetry 101 gives you everything you need!

Poetry & Short Story Reference Center Database

A collection of hundreds of thousands of classic and contemporary poems, as well as short stories, biographies and authoritative essays on such topics as poetic forms, movements and techniques

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The Cambridge Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Poetry

The Cambridge Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Poetry is designed to give readers a brief but thorough introduction to the various movements, schools, and groups of American poets in the twentieth century. It will help readers to understand and analyze modern and contemporary poems. The first part of the book deals with the transition from the nineteenth-century lyric to the modernist poem, focussing on the work of major modernists such as Robert Frost, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, and W. C. Williams. In the second half of the book, the focus is on groups such as the poets of the Harlem Renaissance, the New Critics, the Confessionals, and the Beats. In each chapter, discussions of the most important poems are placed in the larger context of literary, cultural, and social history.

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The Best Poems of the English Language: From Chaucer Through Frost

The great critic presents his personal selection, with commentary, of the finest poems in the English language. This comprehensive anthology attempts to give the common reader possession of six centuries of great British and American poetry. The book features a large introductory essay by Harold Bloom called "The Art of Reading Poetry," which presents his critical reflections of more than half a century devoted to the reading, teaching, and writing about the literary achievement he loves most. In the case of all major poets in the language, this volume offers either the entire range of what is most valuable in their work, or vital selections that illuminate each figure's contribution. There are also headnotes by Harold Bloom to every poet in the volume as well as to the most important individual poems.

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The Princeton Handbook of World Poetries

The Princeton Handbook of World Poetries provides a comprehensive and authoritative survey of the history and practice of poetry in major regional, national, and diasporic literatures and language traditions around the globe.

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Understanding Poetry: Rhythm and Meter, Rhyme

This program explores both the history and the essential components of poetry. After viewing, students will understand how poets utilize rhythm/meter and rhyme in various forms to achieve the desired effect. Classic works of poetry are presented along with detailed graphics, engaging examples, and exciting video. On-screen multiple-choice reviews at the end of each segment reinforce important concepts and make learning fun. Wonderscape Entertainment.

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