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OER Pilot Award

Guidelines, forms, and resources for faculty and staff

Award Process

The application process for the OER Pilot Award is as follows. 

Step 1. Complete the OER Pilot Award application

Step 2. Receive confirmation of application approval for participation via email within 7 days of application.

Step 3. Schedule to meet with members of the award evaluation team to complete the OER Adoption toolkit

Step 4. Adopt, adapt, create OER & update your textbook list, syllabus and any other relevant documents. 

Step 5. Share your OER & syllabus with the evaluation team for inclusion in the SC4 OER Commons hub. 

Step 6. Implement OER in the classroom, assisting in the collection of the student feedback and and provide faculty feedback. 

Step 7. Complete the OER Pilot Award completion checklist for award disbursement consideration.

If you have any questions about the award process, or need assistance submitting an application, contact Kendra Lake or (810) 989-5645


Apply for an OER Pilot Award

Application Period

OER Pilot Award applications are being accepted for upcoming semesters. 

Application deadline for consideration for OER Pilot awards are as follows.

Application deadline for consideration for Fall  OER implementation is June 1.

Application deadline for consideration for Winter OER implementation is September 1

Application deadline for consideration for Winter OER implementation is March 1.

Submit request for award payment

Once you've completed the application and OER implementation process, submit your award payment request receive payment of your award. 


Submit Award Payment Request