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Advertising Design @ SC4 Research Guide: Assignment Resources

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Vintascope - Blog

The Museum of Vintage Commercial and Advertising Art

The mission of this site is to provide a high quality view to often overlooked art from the past via a virtual art museum with a focus on commercial art from the 19th to mid 20th century. With the accelerated development of cheaper and better quality printing processes during this timeframe, inexpensive print media came within the reach of the masses. Talented artists and printers pushed the envelope in different printing processes such as lithography and developed ever-improving techniques. Distinct styles emerged, which popularized different print media such as posters, post cards, trade cards, product labels, magazines, etc. and in some cases they helped inspire entire art movements.

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Vintage Radio Advertisements & Similar Ad Resources

Prof. Mire indicated that old & vintage radio advertisements would be useful for some of the work going on in class.  What follows are a few links to freely available web resources with audio recordings of vintage radio advertisements for various products.  Remember that items found on the web still need to be cited appropriately.

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