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Advertising Design @ SC4 Research Guide: Websites

Advertising & Branding - Blog

Blog focused on advertising and branding news from the publishers of AdWeek

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More About Advertising - The alternative voice of advertising, marketing and media - Blog

If excessive detail about the ins and outs of the U.K. adbiz is what you need,  then More About Advertising is the place to be. There are a host of  items that don't appear in normal news sites. (For example, did you know Eric  Newnham, formerly of Kinetic, might  be going to Talon?) It's not winning any design awards, but author Stephen  Foster is an ad press vet and the whole thing has an insider feel.

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AdFreak - Blog

The best & worst of advertising, branding, and design

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advertising/design goodness - Blog

Advertising/Design Goodness started in May 2005 with the mission to showcase only the best advertising and design around the globe. But sometimes you have to show the very worst as well in order to know what great ads and designs are. This site is there to start a conversation, to inspire, to enjoy great work, or to just talk about what your views are.

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AdverLab - Advertising Lab - Blog

I run a consumer intelligence practice at an ad agency. Advertising Lab is where I've been keeping my notes about the future of advertising since 2004. This is a personal blog; all opinions are mine.

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Websites on Advertising

Vintage Radio Advertisements & Similar Ad Resources

Prof. Mire indicated that old & vintage radio advertisements would be useful for some of the work going on in class.  What follows are a few links to freely available web resources with audio recordings of vintage radio advertisements for various products.  Remember that items found on the web still need to be cited appropriately.

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