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American with Disabilities Act -Disability Services

The College is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to students regardless of their disabilities. Students with disabilities enrolled at the college and in need of accommodations should contact the Achievement Center (Room B-100 College Center), email:, Phone: (810) 989-5759, or (800) 553-2427, ext. 5759.

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Disability Services, letter to all faculty

To All Faculty:

The College is required to provide qualified students with accommodations. Our most common services include testing accommodations, tape recorder loans, note taking services, and adaptive equipment loans.


Please refer students requesting an accommodation to the AC. Students must provide appropriate documentation of their disability and complete an application for the requested accommodation each semester. If a student is eligible for accommodations through the AC, you will receive an accommodations letter  (Special Needs Notification Form), completed by the AC, that the student is to present to you.  If a student requests an accommodation and you have not received notification, please encourage the student to contact the AC.


The most frequently asked question from faculty regarding disability services is about testing accommodations. These services usually involve extra time, individualized/quiet testing environment, readers, scribes, enlargement of class materials or the use of adaptive reading devices. Hopefully, the following will clarify any questions you or your students may have about the procedure for testing accommodations:


 1.   The student will complete an application and qualification is determined by the AC.

 2.    The student will be responsible for arranging for testing accommodations with the AC as the need arises.

 3.    The student must schedule an appointment for taking the test/quiz with the AC before taking each test/quiz.

 4.    The AC will complete a test proctor form (green sheet) indicating the testing appointment.

 5.    The student will give the form to the instructor within an appropriate timeframe. Students are instructed to make the  arrangement at least 4-5 days before their testing appointment, and one week or more if the class meets once per week.

 6.    The instructor is to return the test proctor form to the AC with the test/quiz attached before the student arrives for their testing appointment. The test should not be given to the student on the date the test is to be taken (or to another student) to deliver to the AC for security reasons.

 7.    The AC will contact the instructor after the student completes the test for pickup. Tests will only be returned to the instructor or an individual listed on the test proctor form. Picture I.D. may be requested for test pick-up.


Do not feel obligated to provide accommodations if a student with a known disability has not requested them. In other words, you are not asked to guess or predetermine what a student may need. Students have the right to choose not to use accommodations. On the other hand, if a student asks retroactively to fix a problem because he/she has failed to use accommodations, you are not under any obligation to do so. 


Also, as a reminder, tutoring is free of charge and is on a first-come, first-served basis with schedules subject to change. Online students may access tutoring via phone (810-989-5759), or online at  The most recent tutoring schedules for the Math Center, Writing Center and Achievement Center may be found online in the  Portal, in the “Student Resources”, ”Support for Success” tab, in the “Tutoring” tab, or by clicking or  


If you have any questions or concerns regarding disability services or tutoring, please stop by or contact me at ext.5558, or


Thank you and have a great semester!


Anne McPherson

Coordinator of Academic Success and Disability Services Achievement Center B-100, College Center

(810) 989-5558



Disability Services Coordinator

Anne McPherson's picture
Anne McPherson
Achievement Center
Room B-100 College Center Bldg.

323 Erie Street
PO Box 5015
Port Huron, MI 48061-5015
(810) 989-5558

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