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Achievement Center Online Tutoring Schedule. For more information, call (810) 989-5759, or stop by the AC.

Kurzweil 3000 is an assistive technology, text to speech, learning tool and is available to all students.  To Self-Register, click hereAny questions about Kurzweil 3000, contact Anne McPherson at, or (810) 989-5759.

At SC4, we want everyone to succeed, and the Achievement Center (AC)  is here to support your path to academic excellence from day one. 


Whether you’re trying to review a concept you didn’t quite get in class, or you want to stay on top of your studies by working ahead, you’ve got access to free tutoring whenever you need it. From writing to math, nursing to history, SC4 provides tutoring on every subject on a drop-in basis. Visit the Achievement Center Online Tutoring Schedule to learn more.

Visit any of the centers below for more information or to receive tutoring:

Achievement Center (fall, winter & summer)

Room B100, College Center

Writing Center (fall & winter only)

Room 313, Main Building

Math Center (fall & winter only)

Room 100, College Center

Contact the Achievement Center

Achievement Center's picture
Achievement Center
Achievement Center
Room B100
College Center
(810) 989-5759

Writing Center
Room 313
Main Building
(810) 989-5806

Math Center
Room C100
College Center
(810) 989-5701